Berlin’s Failed Bid to Host the 2000 Summer Olympic Games

As the Olympic Games have increased in terms of participants and sports represented, it has been necessary to build costly specialized stadia and facilities, which have in turn made cities reluctant to host the games.  However, Barcelona showed in 1992 how the Olympic Games could be used as a stimulus for large-scale urban development, renewing interest among cities to host the event.

In this article, Berlin’s Failed Bid to Host the 2000 Summer Olympic Games, Heike C. Alberts uses Berlin’s failed bid for the 2000 Summer Olympic Games to show that bidding for the Olympic Games is an incentive for planners to design comprehensive urban development programs and opportunity for these planners to fast-track many associated projects.



Tokyo has to get its message right if it is to win 2020 Olympics, Coe advises

Tokyo was one of four countries to throw in their hat for the 2020 Olympic bid. Sebastian Coe discusses the importance of the signal and messaging any country presents during the bid process to define their vision for the Olympics and what it can do for their country long after the Games.