What happens to the ruins?

With a decided focus on the bid process, we tend to ask, “What happens to a city that bids to host the Olympics, but is not selected to host?” Over at The Olympic Story,  Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit ask, “What happens to a city after the Olympics are gone?”

Yes…after the events are over, the medals have been handed out, and the torch is extinguished…what is the tangible “footprint” on the city’s landscape? Many times—as evidenced by this photo chronicle—cities are not left with structures of use. Some of the photos capture quite haunting images of “ghost towns” and “white elephants.”

Again, vivid depictions like these reiterate the importance of proper infrastructure planning during the bid process and preparation phases.

Train station built for 1972 Olympics, Munich, courtesy of The Society Pages

The pictures are currently on exhibit in New York.