Interview with Dr. S. Tamer Cavusgil

The Bring In Development (BID) project team has conducted several exploratory consultations with subject matter experts in order to gain key insights about our topic and to refine our research efforts. This interview is the first of several interviews that will be conducted with those partners and additional stakeholders in order to gain additional perspectives and encourage conversation on the significance and relevancy of the bid process itself.

Below, we have an interview with Dr. Cavusgil. Dr. Cavusgil covers a range of topics, from the dynamic between Turkey and the EU, Turkey’s promotion of their own global brand, to Turkey’s chance at the hosting the 2020 Olympics. Dr. Cavusgil also discusses the nitty-gritty of transportation developments that have improved Istanbul’s chances.

“They can do it , they have to become more methodological about it. They have the resources…just need to convince the decisionmakers…I think it is realistic by 2020.”

A big thank you goes out to Dr. Cavusgil for taking the time to interview with us!  Dr. Cavusgil has focused his research and teaching on international business, global strategy, internationalization of the firm, and Emerging Markets. At Georgia State University, he leads the Institute of International Business, an academic unit of the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, and serves as Fuller E. Callaway Professorial Chair.  To learn more about Dr. Cavusgil, check out his full biography here.