Meet the Team

Brought together by Carnegie Mellon University, this project originated with an eight member group who researched and wrote our original report, The Olympic Bid Process: An Engine for Transportation Development. Today, four of us continue the conversation. Our diverse team of international policy professionals bring an array of expertise to the project. With this site, we aim to combine our passion for development and love of sport. We’re excited to join the conversation. We follow our comments avidly, but you can also reach us at


Maggie’s first memory of the Olympics was the 1992 US Men’s Basketball “Dream Team” who took gold with arguably some of the best athletes of all time. She looks forward to working on this project to better understand how participation in the Olympic bid process can propel a positive transportation legacy as lasting as her memory of the Dream Team’s win in Barcelona. Integrating her current work in international development, Maggie hopes her group’s findings will inform future bids in both developed and developing countries around the world.


Morgan’s years as a cross country runner in college instilled a life long love of watching Olympic distance running. Currently working in global intergovernmental affairs at the U.S. Department of State, Morgan is particularly interested in discovering best practices from the bid process that state and local officials can share with their counterparts around the world. She is excited to be working on such a uniting and universal phenomenon, which she views as a tremendous opportunity for cities to shine–whether they win or lose the bid!


Ngiste’s family first got satellite television explicitly for the 2000 Olympics, cementing a love of sport and community at an early age. She is excited to work on a project that combines her love of sports with her work in international development. Though she rowed in college, her favorite Olympic events are the 100 meter dash and the marathon.


Trina has declared 2010-2020 as her “Decade of Sports.” By day, she is employed in the sports diplomacy division of the U.S. Department of State’s Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau. In the evening, she engages in sport for development and takes part in international cultural projects (among other activities). Given her experience on the GWU cross country team and passion for watching NBA games, her interests streamline with her work and student roles. As a native of Atlanta, though, it was truly the summer of 1996 that solidified her fondness for the Olympic Games.


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