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Bring In Development (BID) is a site devoted to the study of the Olympic bid. Though a considerable amount of research has analyzed the economic and social legacies of hosting the Olympics, the significance of the bid process has not been linked to its potential impact on both winning and losing cities. This blog focuses on the value of participation in the Olympic bid process to accelerate development, particularly transportation development. The driving question for this blog is  “How can participating in the Olympic bid process accelerate development regardless of the bid result?”

Brought together by Carnegie Mellon University, our diverse team of international policy professionals brings an array of expertise to the project. Meet the people behind the site here. Though we follow our comments avidly, feel free to contact us using the form below:

DisclaimerWhile site administrators employ all reasonable effort to ensure that material contained on this website was correct at the time of publication, we cannot guarantee that the information is accurate or up to date at all times. We do not accept responsibility for or endorse the content of any of the external links posted on this website. Please give credit to CMU BID when re-posting original content found herein, and attribute the original source for all other content. For further information about this website and project, please e-mail cmu.bid@gmail.com.


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