DC2024 Goes Live!

DC 2024 launched their new website today. The campaign focuses on unity, cleverly incorporated in the logo below. So, what will it take to be named host of the 2024 games?

DC has survived 16 months of scrutiny from the US Olympic Committee (USOC). USOC CEO Scott Blackmun has said that, “Simplifying the domestic bid process has been a major priority” for USOC. This cycle, American cities were contacted broadly and informally, with the final four named in June. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston will duke it out with DC to be named the US city in 2015. From there, the lead city will undergo the rigorous bid process, outlined in detail in Chapter 3 of Bidding for Development

The domestic bid process is notoriously un-transparent, but it will be truly fascinating to see how four well established cities craft their bids. Will we see the same emphasis on multi-purpose event space and recyclable materials as in London 2012? What neighborhoods will be targeted for revitalization, if any? Will locals rally around these bids? The competition is only beginning to heat up!



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