The best and worst place to build roads–or host the Olympics?

A Global Road Map is being billed as a “strategic approach for zoning and planning roads” in the hopes of mitigating the environmental impacts and maximizing the economic and social benefits of the huge growth in road and transportation infrastructure anticipated in the 21st century. This growth will largely be concentrated in developing countries facing increasing urbanization. 

An animation of satellite images shows roads and croplands encroaching on the Amazon rainforest in Brazil between 2000 and 2012. (NASA Earth Observatory) via Smithsonian Magazine

Having this kind of global road map to support smart infrastructure choices could help cities hone their transportation and infrastructure plans. The Global Road Map could be incorporated into an Olympic Bid, reiterating the IOC’s increasing interest (or self interest in the opinion of some) in a greener, more sustainable Olympiad. It could be interesting to see tenets from the Global Road Map incorporated into future bids, and to see if they succeed in implementation with or without the Games. 



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