Bidding on the Brain: A Range of Bids Related to the Olympics


While an Olympic bid denotes a city’s international endeavor to host the Summer or Winter Games, references to bids can also signify a variety of components associated with the Olympics. Recent headliners and news pieces on Olympic and Paralympic bids have been in regards to any of the below bid types:

Wrestling with Reality – Sports Must Bid for Inclusion in Games

The IOC’s executive board made a recent decision to drop wrestling as one of the core sports of the Olympic 2020 Games. This announcement stunned wrestling officials and athletes around the world. Comparable to how cities must participate in a bid process to host the Games, different international sports federations must vie for inclusion as one of the 25 sports in the Games. As of right now, wrestling has joined the ranks of those “short listed” sports bidding for 2020: baseball-softball, Wushu (a form of martial arts), squash, wakeboarding, roller sports, rock climbing, and karate. In an IOC meeting this May, the executive board will identify only one of these sports for acceptance in the Games.

Reactions of frustration and disbelief to this news have ranged from hunger strikes to returned medals to the unlikely accord between Iranian and American wrestlers. In a backlash to the decision, the President of the wrestling federation even stepped down while athletes came together with a campaign to save the historic Olympic sport.

To tie this occurrence even closer to the Olympic bids for cities, those currently in the running to host the 2020 Games were directly impacted by the wrestling decision. Olympic committee representatives and athletes from both Tokyo and Istanbul expressed concern that a loss of wrestling weakens their bids due to national ties to the sport

The First Frontier-Domestic Bids for a City to Host the 2024 Games

Before a city submits a proposal to the IOC declaring an intent to bid for the Olympics, each participating country must identify one city to represent the nation. While smaller countries have less trouble pinpointing one city, the U.S. must choose among many potential bid cities before putting forth one to the IOC. Just this month, the USOC sent out letters to 35 cities gauging their level of interest. Boston, Dallas, L.A., and a few others responded with a solid plan to explore the idea of bidding for the Games.

IOC Youth Olympics-Cities Bidding to host the 2018 Youth Olympics

As if the global anticipation related to the bid process for the 2020 Summer Games is not enough, three other cities are in pursuit of hosting the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Parallel to the bid process for the traditional Olympics and Paralympics, these cities have submitted candidature applications to prove their ability to host a successful Youth Games. Emphasis is placed on a positive legacy throughout the bid process. These three finalists for the Youth Games include Buenos Aires, Argentina; Glasgow, United Kingdom; and Medellin, Colombia.

IOC Sessions-Bids for Cities to Host the IOC Meeting Sites 

Even the sites for the IOC Sessions during which decisions for the Games are announced must undergo a bid process! When an IOC Session takes place, the group weighs the current bids for future meeting locations and decides from these bids where the next session will take place. The IOC received two bids from cities to host the 125th Session this September: Buenos Aires, Argentina and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Argentina it is…the site of the IOC’s declaration of a 2020 host city!

Why are there so many extensive bid processes related to the Olympics? They may primarily be in place as efforts to manage risk, address political pressures, and make strategic decisions. Other factors—global relations, city agendas, and even personal motivations—contribute to the bid processes.

Here at BID, a focus is placed on the role that any IOC-related bid has in urban development. As one can see, though, different types of bids play into different pieces of the Olympic Movement.

Photo compliments of The Sport Digest.


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