Bid Farewell to the Olympics, Part 1

Part 1: A silver lining for failed Olympic bids…

Long before athletes compete, competition between cities eager to host the Olympics kicks off with a rigorous bid process. Just last month, five cities submitted bids to host the 2020 Olympics. Madrid, Istanbul, Baku, Dohaand Tokyo met the deadline. But only one city will cross the finish line as the winner of the world’s most significant mega-event.
What happens to the elaborate plans meticulously outlined in the bid books of the “losers” so to speak? Can the cities garner the energy and enthusiasm called for throughout the bidding process? Can they maintain their momentum to complete those proposed projects of long-term use to the people of the country?

We’ve launched BID (Bringing In Development) to answer just those questions. Our driving question comes down to “How can participating in the Olympic bid process accelerate development regardless of the bid result?”

BID is focused on how the bid process can serve as an impetus for urban development, from new transportation lines to neighborhood revitalization. We also speculate that completion of projects defined in “failed” bids enhances a city’s ability to succeed during future bids. We’re interested to see how Istanbul fares during this bid cycle, its fifth bid in the last 20 years.

We’re excited to join the conversation around the Olympics. More than just sports, the Olympics are about international community. But for us, the legacy of the Olympics goes beyond world records and new stadiums.


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